10 tried and tested tips for how to survive a long distance relationship.

Let’s be honest – long distance relationships are far from ideal. In fact, at times they can be bloody hard.

Date nights become virtual, cuddles non-existent, and your sex life? Well, it becomes a little harder when you’re thousands of kilometres apart.

However not only are long distance relationships doable – and worth it – there are actually some benefits (yes, really).

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Here are the 10 tried and tested tips to get you through a long-distance relationship.,

1. Know when you're seeing each other next.

Taking the time to work out when your next face-to-face visit will be gives you something to look forward to and makes saying goodbye that little bit easier.


Every couple has a manageable gap for them, whether that's every weekend, fortnight or month, and depending on how far from one another you are. Find out what works best for you and try to stick to it. Actually booking flights rather than just marking a date in a diary is preferable and you'll be amazed at how quickly the time will pass even if the starting countdown seems impossibly high.

The same goes for a long-term plan - it helps if you know you'll only be doing long distance for a set time.

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2. Facetime.

The next best thing when face time isn't an option? Uh, FaceTime. It makes such a difference being able to actually see your partner's face and feels more intimate than a normal phone call. Same goes for Skype.

3. Communicate.

That doesn't just mean chatting a few times a day. There will be times when even thinking of them and how far away they are will make you sad or angry or frustrated. But it's essential that you don't let those feeling put even more distance between you than there already is. When you can't talk in person, communication of those thoughts and feelings becomes even more important. If you can't talk it out, write your reasoned argument or complaint in a text so they know exactly where you stand.

It will likely avoid a heated argument or ignoring each other, which is 10 times harder to fix when you're not together.


4. Talk about the big and the little.

When you're in the routine of life, conversations can get a little boring if you're just constantly asking your significant other, "What's up?". Try to talk about the big things happening as well as the little things. Do it often. It will bring you closer and make them feel part of your life even if they're far away.

5. Trust each other.

It may be easier said than done, but try not to get jealous. If they're having a big night out or hanging out with friends without you, try to see it through reasoned eyes - they're allowed to have fun, just as you are. And it's almost guaranteed they feel the same way when you go out.

Let each other know you're heading out so you don't feel left out if you're at home on the sofa seeing their party Snapchats, tell them you love and miss them, then enjoy your nights. (Post continues after gallery.)

6. Start and end your days with a message.

A simple 'Good morning' and 'Good night' text goes a very long way.

7. Make an effort to let them know you're thinking of them.

It could be a mid-afternoon text to say you love them, a surprise parcel or postcard, or even just a quick tag of a meme or an article you think they'd enjoy, but a little effort goes a long, long way.

8. Don't cram your catch ups.

The time you do have together is precious. Sometimes it's just as nice to do nothing with each other as it is to try and squeeze the zoo, aquarium, four museums and five billion cafes you've been dying to try in one day. Instead, why not make some time for the couch and movies?

Image: Going The Distance

9. Give each other space.

Not only will it give you things to talk about when you chat, but it's also important that you make an effort to build your own life wherever you are rather than relying solely on the relationship to sustain you. Having friends, a routine and things you enjoy doing will make the time in-between visits much easier and enjoyable. Plus, you can finally learn/pursue/start that thing you never had the time to do.

10. Remember why you're doing it.

On the days where it just feels impossible, remind yourself of the reason that means right now you have to be apart. Whether it's for your/their career or family, put just as much effort into pursuing those goals to make the distance worth it.

What are your tips to making a long distance relationship work?