The Chop: "Why I jumped on the long bob bandwagon."

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We love a good reason to celebrate here at The Glow HQ and one of our beloved staff members getting ‘the chop’ is certainly reason enough.

Mamamia’s Branded Content Executive Alexis Carey rocked up to the office last week looking considerably different – she’d chopped off half of her hair. The majority of her ombré-ed hair had disappeared and made way for a sleek, new, completely on-trend, long bob.

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As you can see in the gallery below, a number of the Chops we've featured in our series have resulted in long bobs. So why did Alexis decide to go there? Read on... (article continues below gallery)

Q & A with Alexis

How long has your hair been the way it is now?

I got my haircut last night but I hadn’t been to the salon before that since September. Oh the shame.

What made you decide to make a big change?

My hair was like straw and I couldn’t put it off any longer! I wanted to try a long bob for months now but I’ve just been too busy to book an appointment. I also started working at Mamamia in September and got engaged in December, so that’s pretty major!

The Chop: Goodbye, 43 centimetres of hair…

What sorts of things were you looking at to get inspiration for your hair transformation?

Millions of photos of celebrities – it seems like everyone has this style at the moment. I particularly love Alexa Chung, Emily Blunt and Rose Byrne.

Rose Byrne, hair goddess.

How did you describe what you wanted to your hairdresser?

I said I wanted a long bob with a side fringe – but I basically left it up to him. I’m pretty relaxed about my hair and usually feel confident trusting the stylist to do their thing.


Alexis' hairdresser, Grant

From Tonik Hair & Body, Surry Hills

How long did this transformation take?

Around 60 minutes, start to finish.

What is it about this new style that’s exciting for you?

I love being able to work with the client to create something a little bit different - it's always exciting when in consultation we can come up with a vision that's both fresh and dynamic, but also a wearable day to day style.

The Chop: “I suddenly decided to cut my hair. I blame Taylor Swift.”

What sort of inspiration did you have in mind while you were doing Alexis’ hair?

In my mind, I was picturing something sharp, precise, that would make a statement, without being overly bold.

What did the transformation involve and how many inches of hair did you cut off?

The transformation was purely style cut. Cutting off around 3 - 4 inches of hair, this style involved making sure a precise, defined straight line created a statement blunt perimeter, which we then shattered slightly chipping through to create a slightly softer, yet still bold finish.

Did you do anything else special we need to know about?

A style like this is all about attention to detail and precision. I feel it was just a matter of comprehensive consultation to understand the desired finish, then making sure it was meticulously executed. Taking pride in the finish and making sure my clients get exactly what they want is the goal!

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