TAKE THIS TO YOUR HAIRDRESSER: all the 'lob-length' hair inspiration you need.

THIS JUST IN: long hair is on its way out, and taking its place this winter is the lob. AKA the long bob.

The versatile, universally flattering cut gives you all the benefits of having shorter hair (but that you can still tie up) while not being as… ‘confronting’ as a bob or pixie cut, especially if you’re going from long hair.

Typically the length of a lob can sit anywhere from just above your shoulders to an inch below your collarbones, and you can still play around with layers, face-framing pieces and fringes.

It’s also a great cut if you sit on the ‘low-maintenance’ side of the hair scale. Messy and textured hair gives the cut added edge, and styling your new cut can range from loose curls, bouncy waves or even just a spritz of dry shampoo or texturising spray as you run out the door.

Now the only thing left to do is to pick a cut. Luckily we’ve got 30 options for you to choose from.


Lucy Hale lob hairstyle inspiration
Lucy Hale. Image: Getty.
Charlize Theron lob hairstyle inspiration
Charlize Theron. Image: Getty.
Emma Watson lob hair inspiration
Emma Watson. Image Getty.
Megan Marx lob hairstyle inspiration
Megan Marx. Image Instagram.
Emma Stone lob hairstyle inspiration
Emma Stone. Image: Getty.
Selena Gomez lob hairstyle inspiration
Selena Gomez. Image: Getty.
Olivia Munn lob hairstyle inspiration
Olivia Munn. Image: Getty.
Bella Hadid lob hairstyle inspiration
Bella Hadid. Image: Getty.
Phoebe Tonkin lob hairstyle inspiration
Phoebe Tonkin. Image: Getty.
Demi Lovato lob hairstyle inspiration
Demi Lovato. Getty.
Khloe Kardashian lob hairstyle inspiration
Khloe Kardashian. Image: Getty.
Kerry Washington lob hair inspiration
Kerry Washington. Image Getty.
Rachel Brosnahan lob hairstyle inspiration
Rachel Brosnahan. Image: Getty.
Rose Byrne lob hairstyle inspiration
Rose Byrne. Image: Getty.
Tina Fey lob hairstyle inspiration
Tina Fey. Image: Getty.
Jenna Dewan lob hairstyle inspiration
Jenna Dewan. Image: Getty.
Samantha Armytage lob hair inspiration
Samantha Armytage. Image Instagram.
Alison Brie lob hairstyle inspiration
Alison Brie. Image: Getty.
Karlie Kloss lob hairstyle inspiration
Karlie Kloss. Image: Getty.
Alexa Chung lob hair inspiration
Alexa Chung. Image Getty.
Katie Holmes lob hairstyle inspiration
Katie Holmes. Image: Getty.
Chrissy Teigen lob hair inspiration
Chrissy Teigen. Image Getty.
Natalia Dyer lob hairstyle inspiration
Natalia Dyer. Image: Getty.
Gal Gadot lob hair inspiration
Gal Gadot. Image Getty.
Emilia Clarke lob hairstyle inspiration
Emilia Clarke. Image: Getty.
Cate Blanchett lob hairstyle inspiration
Cate Blanchett. Image: Getty.
Olivia Palermo lob hair inspiration
Olivia Palermo. Image Getty.
Jennifer Lopez lob hairstyle inspiration
Jennifer Lopez. Image: Getty.
Kendall Jenner lob hair inspiration
Kendall Jenner. Image Getty.
Margot Robbie lob hair inspiration
Margot Robbie. Image Getty.

Which lob hair cut was your favourite? Tell us in a comment!