Everything you need to know about getting the haircut of the moment.

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You don’t need to be even remotely interested in hair trends to know the long bob – or ‘lob’ – is the haircut women are going mad for right now.

The list of celebrities swapping their long hair for this shoulder-grazing style (we’re calling them The Lob Mob) just keeps growing. In the past week alone, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman ditched the Rapunzel-like extensions they’ve had for years in favour of sleek, straight lobs, while model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley went even shorter yesterday (see above).

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Previously long-haired women like Lauren Conrad, Beyoncé, Mindy Kaling, Delta Goodrem, Kate Upton, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift to name a few have also asked their stylists for a shorter cut over the past year or so.

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So is long hair headed for extinction? It’s looking fairly likely.

“Long hair has been a big trend for ages. Opting for a lob is a great way to update your look without going super short, like a pixie cut,” explains celebrity stylist Dario Cotroneo of Dario Salon in Sydney.

“The lob is a perfect in-between length and great for those who still want the option of being able to tie their hair back. It also looks super chic.”

There’s no denying the lob is a gorgeous look – this is largely due to the fact it suits an abundance of face shapes. But what’s even better is how practical and manageable the style is once you leave the hairspray-scented sanctuary that is the hair salon.

Two-minute hair tutorial for your dirty lob

“A lob is much easier to maintain than longer lengths or extensions. It is also a great way to cut off all your split ends, allowing your locks a fresh start. The lob length is easy to style and takes less time when it comes to blow-drying, straightening or curling,” Dario says.

Of all the celebrity lobs making the rounds right now, Dario says his favourites belong to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Olivia Palermo.

“They are the perfect example of how this look can update your style and face and make your locks look healthy and lush,” he says. “I love how chic the lob looks and how it frames the face so nicely. It’s also a cut that looks great when worn sleek or with wavy curls.”

Dario’s not wrong about that – check out these wavy lobs (post continues after gallery):

If you’re considering joining The Lob Mob (and having read the above, who could blame you?), here’s what Dario suggests you keep in mind:

– “The lob suits numerous face shapes; however, I’d avoid this look if you have a long neck – it can tend to stretch the face too much.”

– “There is no hard and fast length, so ask your stylist if you should get it cut at the shoulder, or keep it a little longer to the collarbone.”

– “Ask your stylist if you should incorporate some soft layers to suit your face shape, they’ll be able to tell you what will look best for you specifically.”

– “Women with naturally curly or wavy hair can still opt for a lob. However, I’d keep the layers a little longer (touching jaw area) so you can control your hair more when wearing your hair curly.”

– “Make sure to keep regular appointments every 7-8 weeks with your stylist to keeps your shape neat and healthy and use a treatment once a week for maintenance.”

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There you have it. Now go forth and lob.

Do you have a long bob? How do you style it?

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