London victim Andreea Christea was set to be proposed to on the day terror struck.

Days after the London terror attack that left five dead and up to 50 people injured, the boyfriend of the woman thrown into the Thames river has said he was planning to propose later that day.

At the time of the attack, 29-year-old Andreea Christea and Andrei Burnaz were on holiday from Romania, celebrating Burnaz’s birthday when they decided to see the sights of London, planning to walk along Westminster Bridge towards the London Eye. It’s understood that once there, Burnaz was planning to ask Christea to marry him.

london terror attack victim
Andreea Cristea. Source: BBC News.

Sadly, they never made it to their final destination.

At approximately 2.40pm, 52-year-old Khalid Masood drove his car along Westminister Bridge, hitting a number of pedestrians, leaving Burnaz with a fractured foot and "practically" throwing Cristea "into the Thames" below.

Masood then crashed his car into the gates of Parliament and, exiting the vehicle, ran into the grounds of Parliament and stabbed a police officer to death. Moments later, Masood was shot down by a guard and died shortly after.

"It's a miracle she survived", Romanian ambassador, Dan Mihalache told BBC News. "She was practically thrown into the Thames."

Source: Getty.

Cristea, an architect, remains in an unconscious state but is recovering in a London hospital.

"In the end, she survived, she was strong enough," Mihalache said.