There's a 'stop being a fat bitch' weight loss plan.

Australian nutritionist and author Lola Berry has been slammed on social media, after she revealed the title of her new weight loss program over the weekend.

The four week weight loss plan, called ‘Stop Being A Fat Bitch’, has been labelled degrading and inappropriate.

In the Facebook announcement, Berry said “#stopbeingafatbitch is something I used to say to myself over and over…this program is not just about the food plan and recipes, it’s also about changing your mindset to achieve your health goals! Can’t wait to hear what you think!!”

The weight loss plan in question. Image via Facebook.

Berry, who describes herself as being “inspired to better everyday lives”, was quickly inundated by negative responses. One commenter wrote “as a psychotherapist that works specifically with women that are struggling with long term weight issues, I find this completely inappropriate and demeaning.”

Lola Berry responded a couple of hours later, apologising for the upset the title had caused, saying it was not her intention. She has even asked for suggestions for a new title.