This woman is tasked with the most important job on Logies night.

There are many important aspects to ensuring Australian television’s night of nights goes off without a hitch, but perhaps none more so than ensuring the throng of local celebrities actually making it inside.

Which is where the MVP of the 2017 TV Week Logies comes into our lives.

logie's lifesaver
Behold: the Logies Lifesaver. Source: Channel 9.

Standing at the edge of the red carpet rolled out along the entrance of Melbourne's Crown Casino entrance stands this woman. She's dressed elegantly, looks particularly stunning, and is doing one of the greatest public service duties of all time - warning celebrities about a bump that's on the red carpet.


No Amy Schumer-falling-over-Kim-Kardashian-style screw-ups here, people.

logie's lifesaver
The Logies Lifesaver in action with Jessica Marais. Source: Channel 9.

No, this trusty lady has got it all covered. She simply stands there smiling on the edge and politely pops out as a celebrity nears, ensuring the glammed up masses are safe and still looking suave as they make their way inside for one hell of an awards ceremony.


Sadly, we don't know said woman's name, but for now, we'll affectionately call her 'The Logies Lifesaver.'