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This guy live tweeted his neighbours' breakup. All of it.

Don’t you hate it when you’re just trying to chillax on the rooftop of your trendy New York apartment building and the couple next to you just won’t stop breaking up?

So. Annoying.

Luckily, when that exact situation occurred recently, it was a comedian who found himself at the centre of it. And rather than subtly walking away, Kyle Ayers decided to live-tweet the whole thing.

He nailed it.

It starts off with an introductory tweet:

And then the drama just escalates from there. Try, just TRY to find a line in there that you haven’t used at least once in you life. Check out the epic journey here:

Follow the hilarious Kyle Ayers on Twitter here. You’ll agree he’s exceptionally good at live tweeting a breakup. Hopefully he comes across more addictive misery on his rooftop.