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What a truly awful Tinder date looks like, in Tweets.

This date is a shocker. (Note: This is a stock image.)





A woman has live-tweeted a date involving a racist, obnoxious douchebag– and it makes for excellent, so-bad-we-can’t-look-away reading.

Couture company manager Carrie Mantha found herself sitting next to “a 40-something trust fund baby” and a girl who “Seems normal but is inexplicably into him” last night — so she decided to document the entire cringeworthy experience on social media.

The string of tweets has since gone viral, because a) they perfectly encapsulate every single thing that can go wrong on a date, and b) Mantha’s commentary is freaking hilarious.

Here’s how it all started:

Aaand it gets worse from there. Highlights include: the guy bragging about his assets, being a total racist, and continuing to use dating app Tinder WHILE ON AN ACTUAL DATE ALREADY.

Here’s how the rest of the date played out: 


What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Any Tinder horror experiences to share with the group?