Lisa Wilkinson talks logistics of filming 'The Project' while living in Sydney.


If Lisa Wilkinson can make getting up at 3am for a decade look as easy as she did then a small issue of living in one state and having a new job in another was never going to stop her.

Speaking at a Nutralife event (the vitamin company for which she is an ambassador), Lisa discussed her excitement around her debut on The Project, airing this Sunday.

“It starts this Sunday, finally! So you won’t have to put up with the ads anymore! I’m really excited to start and I really want to get some shows under my belt.”

Asked if recording will take place in Sydney, Lisa’s hometown, or Melbourne where the show is based, Lisa revealed that filming will happen in both cities.

“It’s a combination. So Thursday and Friday will be in Melbourne and The Sunday Project is out of Sydney.”

“I love Melbourne and I can’t wait to experience Melbourne. As a city I just think it’s so vibrant and I love cities where you actually experience four seasons and the fashions that come with that.”

lisa wilkinson the project
We are so excited. Image via Channel 10.

Lisa also joked that she’s not going to miss her middle-of-the-night alarm going off anytime soon.

“I’ll put it this way, would you rather meet with your first producer of the day at 4am or at about 1pm? Look, it's wonderful - breakfast TV was an extraordinary experience to be a part of but I can't say I am sorry to have left the 3am alarm behind me. I feel normal now. I actually feel like I am living in the real world again.”

“To join a team like The Project, I feel so incredibly lucky. I have been a viewer of the show ever since it started and this year the show celebrates 10 years.”

“I've just found out who one of the guests we've got on this Sunday night is. I am so excited and I am such a fan of this person. I am not allowed to say who, unfortunately, but it’s a female and she is a knockout,” Lisa said.


When questioned about how she juggles the many facets of her career, which aside from The Project also includes other work for the Ten Network and her ambassadorship with Nutralife, Lisa said she’s always put her health first.

“I am never one who’s taken their health for granted. I feel that good health is an absolute gift and so I have always been one to look after myself.”

“I have always worked hard. I was a magazine editor at the age of 21. I worked ridiculously long hours but loved every minute of it. And I think if you have the incredible gift of good health, a job that you love and a family that you love, you've got the golden trifecta. So I have always done everything I can to nurture all of that.”

“When it came to my health, and particularly doing breakfast TV, I was very aware of taking care of myself, because a few people who had come before me had warned me how tough it was. I want to live everyday as fully and as mindfully and as aware of everything as I can be,” Lisa said.

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