Lisa Wilkinson has an edgy new look. And we're a little bit obsessed.

She’s one of the hardest working, most talented women in media. She’s retained – no, dominated – one of the most highly coveted, notoriously brutal roles on telly – Today – for the past decade.

Yet right know we feel need to acknowledge something substantially more superficial about Lisa Wilkinson.


Just when we thought our crush on the 57-year-old couldn’t get any more intense, comes this week’s cover-shoot with Stellar magazine.

Due to be released on May 7, the mag features Wilkinson with a bold, boss new look. Hair slicked back. Dark, red lippy. And an outfit that is… golden.

Lisa Wilkinson chats to Mia Freedman on No Filter. Post continues…

Let’s be honest, not many people have the panache to pull off head-to-toe gold without looking like a Logie.

But somehow Wilkinson manages to make it look like she deserves to be given one instead.

Which she most definitely does, by the way – you can read my case for that here.

C’mon people. Wilkinson 2018.

She’s already got the outfit.

What do you think about Lisa’s look for the cover of Stellar? Tell us in the comments below.