Lisa Wilkinson's mammogram results are an important reminder for all of us.

Lisa Wilkinson having her mammogram



After undergoing a mammogram live on air, Today host Lisa Wilkinson has now revealed the results.

Speaking with A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw last night, 53-year-old Lisa Wilkinson said the results were not what she expected.

“Just as we were about to leave, the nurse who was taking such wonderful care of us throughout the morning said ‘Lisa would you mind just coming over here for a moment’ and I thought it was do to do with some of the details we were going to share on set.” Wilkinson said.

“She [the nurse] said ‘there’s a bit of a problem with your mammogram and we don’t want you to panic but we do need to take a few more pictures to just see if what we’re looking at is a problem or not,” she said.

Lisa telling Karl and Georgie about the results.

“I hadn’t actually thought what happens if there is a problem with the mammogram,” she said.

The test revealed a few dark shadows that the nurses weren’t happy with. Lisa had a few more mammograms and some ultra sound screenings.

As it turns out, Lisa’s mammogram was clear of any signs of cancer.

“There’s a couple of cysts there that they don’t have to do anything about… there’s a certain percentage of women who have small cysts and they do show up as an irregularity in a mammogram,” Wilkinson told Grimshaw.

“I am absolutely fine and I cannot tell you the relief of having acted upon it straight away and knowing that I am absolutely fine,” she said.

“But this morning was really about making sure that every woman over the age of 40 looks after herself because it is so easy to put your own health and your own concerns on the back burner.”


Here’s the video of Lisa talking about the results with her Today co-hosts.

Lisa thanked her Today viewers and supporters for their support.

“I don’t think you could ever regret having done this when I see the messages that have come into the show today,” Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson decided to have the mammogram after hearing the story of Amy Robach – a Good Morning America host who had a mammogram on air only to discover she had breast cancer. 

Georgie Gardner having a live mammogram this morning

Wilkinson’s co-host Georgie Gardner, 48, also signed up to have a mammogram on air and was given a clean bill of heath.

The decision to do so came on the back of news from the US about a woman named Amy Robach – a Good Morning America host who had a mammogram on air only to discover she had breast cancer.

Before Wilkinson – who is an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation – had the mammogram, she said: “I know how guilty I have been feeling. I felt like a fraud.”

“I have been telling women for years that they have to go out and be breast aware and I haven’t been.

“Three years ago I had my last one. I do regular hand checks but you have to have a mammogram to make sure you’re really covering it off.”

According to the Breast Screen Australia website, free mammograms are offered to women over the age of 40 – but not recommended to people under the age of 40. They suggest women aged 50-69 have mammograms every two years to detect breast cancer early.