Why Lisa Wilkinson ditched a designer gown for this red carpet event.

Whether it’s in the studio or at the Academy Awards, Lisa Wilkinson always looks impeccable.

But while you’ll usually find her in designer or bespoke couture on the red carpet, there was something different about her latest appearance.

As she attended the premiere of Cirque Du Soleil’s latest show recently, there wasn’t a tulle gown or strappy heel in sight. Instead, the Today Show host donned something a little more unconventional – and a whole lot more comfy.

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The designer dress had been swapped for a scarlet red coat, mocha-coloured scarf, white jeans and boots. The reason for the change? Well, let's just say it will make you love and admire Wilkinson even more.

"What you wear on the red carpet on a freezing cold night when you get caught coming straight from your daughter's grand final basketball match. They won!!!" she wrote on Instagram.


While it may not have exactly been intentional, she was certainly the most practically dressed on the night. (Post continues after gallery.)

"PS. Besides I just can't do strappy when it's eight degrees and rainy anyway..." she wrote. (Post continues after gallery.)

Not that anyone really noticed.

"You would still look amazing if you wore a garbage bag!" wrote one follower, while another added "You always look beautiful, Lisa. It's that gorgeous smile."

Fashionable and functional? This is one kind of red carpet style we wouldn't mind seeing more of.

Image: Instagram/@lisawilkinson.

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