Lisa Wilkinson has welcomed a new addition to her family.

“We have a brand new baby!” With one joyful photograph, Lisa Wilkinson has announced that her family is once again complete.

Exactly one month after losing their “beautiful” 12-year-old Boxer, Scout, the Wilkinson/FitzSimons family has opened their home and their hearts to an adorable new four-legged companion.

Meet Maggie, the eight-week-old, doe-eyed Boxer already “filling an enormous hole” in the lives of five grieving people.

There was only ever going to be one choice of breed for Wilkinson’s new furry friend. The Today Show host’s deep affection for Boxers began when she was just a child with a dog named Heidi.

“I was 17 when we lost her and I thought my world had ended,” Wilkinson recently wrote in The Huffington Post. “So I was always sure that when I had kids of my own, I wanted to replicate that beautiful experience for them. And yes, okay, for me too.” It was a role Scout filled beautifully.

   Little Lisa with her childhood dog Heidi. via Instagram. Named after Wilkinson's favourite character in To Kill a Mockingbird, the beloved Boxer had battled numerous bouts of cancer, a heart attack, escape attempts and even a life-threatening fall to make it to the ripe old age of 12.


With the loss still raw, the Today Show host penned a heartfelt ode to her companion that had pet owners and animal lovers across the country wiping away an empathetic tear.

In the tribute published in The Huffington Post, Wilkinson wrote of a dog that would greet her at the gate with unadulterated excitement, that would flee up the road whenever given the chance, that would leave tell-tale hairs on the quilt after the kids would sneak her inside for cuddles on the couch.

Scout had become the centre of the family's universe. When she died they felt her loss.

"I just wasn't ready, not even remotely, which is crazy, because these past few months have been so tough for her, and she was clearly rapidly heading down a hill for which there was only one possible end," wrote Wilkinson.

"But before she went I steeled myself for one last look at her beautiful face in the soft light -- and I'm so glad I did. As I gently drew back the quilt, I could see it: her poor body now finally free of pain. She had gone peacefully. Our sweet girl was finally at rest."