“Reportedly fuming": Lisa Wilkinson sets the record straight on apparent Gold Logie "snub”.


Since the Gold Logie nominations were announced just over a week ago, Lisa Wilkinson has been sobbing in the foetal position and nobody can console her.

With more than 30 years experience in the industry, Wilkinson began as the youngest editor of Dolly magazine, became the International Editor-in-Chief of Cleo, spent 10 years co-hosting TODAY, was the Australian Editor-at-large of The Huffington Post, and was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 2016 before starting as host of The Project, one of Australia’s leading news and current affair programs.

But none of that matters.

Because all Wilkinson wants is a gold trophy, please, the universal marker of success she’s pined over since she was just five years old.

Industry insiders know it’s all she talks about. “How do I get my hands on that gold?” she’s been overheard asking through gritted teeth, while sitting in her Project makeup chair.

And then the team at New Idea, the same magazine that insists Camila “ATTACKED” Meghan Markle at her wedding reception, and Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant with 41 sets of twins, blew the lid open.

An ‘insider’ – who is always real and never, ever made up, told someone who told someone that Wilkinson is very annoyed. 

The anonymous person who may or may not be lying said, “She thought after the enormous support she received from women in Australia after she walked out on TODAY… that she’d win.”

But she didn’t, and yes, it’s all Carrie Bickmore’s fault.

You see, Bickmore and Wilkinson are mortal enemies, mostly because they get their period at the same time (ew!) and their rift has likely harmed Wilkinson’s chances.

“She can’t help but think that politics from Karl – and maybe even Carrie, whose been unhappy about Lisa’s new role – has harmed her chances,” the insider who is clearly a very close friend of Wilkinson’s (hence the… leaking to the press) told New Idea. 


Among the Gold Logie nominees are Jessica Marais, who Wilkinson has called a “stupid face”, and Amanda Keller, who she has dismissed as a “silly woman”.

Lisa, contain yourself, please.  

It’s all very awkward, and the only thing that has managed to get poor Wilkinson out of the foetal position, is a tweet to her friends at the Daily Mail, who reported on New Idea’s salacious but also entirely fictional story.

“Dear Daily Mail,” she wrote while dressed entirely in black, to signify her mourning.

“This ‘story’, as with the New Idea magazine ‘cover story’ from which I presume you took it, is complete, unadulterated 100 % pure bullshit. I have never, ever thought I was even a vague contender for the title. Ever. End of story.”


Whose story do you believe?

Personally, I’m going with the magazine who told me Bec and Lleyton Hewitt have been divorcing for a decade, and Bert Newton keeps getting people pregnant.

I’m not an idiot.