Lisa Wilkinson's jacket on the Today Show this morning has divided everyone, including Karl.

In the midst of breaking news and current affairs, one small thing on Channel Nine’s Today Show grabbed attention on Wednesday morning.

A jacket. Lisa Wilkinson’s jacket.

I have noticed how good Lisa’s top is today, the jacket she’s got on,” co-host Karl Stefanovic announced to sleepy-eyed Aussies with their faces buried in cups of coffee.

“You remind me somewhat of some of the famous people who have worn this kind of thing before. Let’s start with Michael Jackson,” he added.

“See, that was his best time,” Lisa, cool as ever, replied. “He was doing the military jacket and he was on fire.”

(God, Lisa’s so cool, don’t you think? An I-can-pull-off-a-military-jacket-without-resembling-the-trumpeter-in-a-marching-band Level Of Cool.)

‘There’s another celebrity you remind me of… John Lennon,’ Karl,like some dorky military jacket skeptic, replied before flashing an image of Lisa beside her new jacket-clad doppelgangers.

You are a style icon, Lisa.”

Lisa, of course, was more than willing to offer up her fancy jacket’s secrets – it’s Carla Zampatti, it’s official name is “the Precision jacket” and it’s current season.

 "You are a style icon, Lisa." (Image: Channel Nine/Today Show)

But not everyone is marching to the beat of the jacket's $929 drum.

"Who does your wardrobe Lisa?" one non-fan, Cynthia, wrote on the show's Facebook page. "They should look into a career change."

Others thought the number wasn't reminiscent of MJ, but of Sgt. Pepper.

"My daughter wondered what she was trying to be. I told her a Sargent Pepper moment. [sic]"

"Yes!!! I was getting more of a Sgt Peppers vibe too."

For what it's worth, Lisa, I think you look Bloomin' Beautiful-with-a-capital-B. And as soon as I find the many, many dubloons I need to afford your jacket, it'll be mine.