We now know why Lisa Wilkinson wasn't on Today this morning.

Anyone watching the Today show this morning would have noticed Sylvia Jeffreys and Ben Fordham stepped in for Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic.

While viewers sat wondering what was keeping Lisa from their TV screens, the presenter was no doubt in a world of pain at home.

That’s because the 57-year-old wasn’t enjoying a personal day or suffering a nasty cold. No, it appears Lisa has injured her wrist.

Posting an image of herself to Instagram in Snap, Crackle, Pop pyjamas, holding up a wrist in a cast, Lisa offered her followers a brief explanation of her absence.

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“So, I didn’t quite make it in to work today, because this happened… Back tomorrow, cast and all. Just need to find an outfit to go with it…,” she wrote.

Although Lisa didn’t explain what kind of fall or accident led to her arm being in a cast, viewers will no doubt hear the story tomorrow.

On Instagram, followers were sharing their concerns and wishes for a speedy recovery, while many couldn’t help but comment on her cute pyjamas (which are from Peter Alexander) and colourful rug.

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Meanwhile, Today news presenter Sylvia Jeffreys joked about her friend making a fashion statement of a different kind.

“And just like that, casts are on trend. See you in the morning,” she wrote.

Feature image: Instagram/Lisa Wilkinson.

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