Lisa Wilkinson just gave us a glimpse inside her home and it's magical.

OK, we’ll admit it: there’s nothing we love more than peeking inside the homes of famous faces.

(Only when we are invited, of course…)

So when one of our favourite breakfast television hosts gave us a quick glimpse of her gorgeous home, we were more than a little excited.

Our faces when we see Lisa's house...Image via Getty.

Oh, and when we say 'quick glimpse'? We really mean it.

Today host Lisa Wilkinson was only trying to shout out her appreciation for chocolates on a rainy day, but she managed to snap her gorgeous living room in the process.

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Posting the video on her Instagram stories for her 201,000 followers, Lisa's videos shows off the divinely decorated room.

Image via Instagram.

Huge windows? Check.

The most lush garden we've ever seen? Check.

A fun assortment of decorative pillows? Check.

Image via Instagram.

A bunch of hand-picked flowers on the table? You better believe it.

Oh, Lisa, we're free to come over for a cup of tea (and those chocolates!) anytime... and absorb some of that home decorating inspo.