The secret to Lisa Wilkinson's youthful appearance? NOT this product, apparently.

Lisa Wilkinson is angry.

Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson has been used as the face of a Facebook scam.

The scam shows Wilkinson’s photo next to a fake article supposedly from People Magazine promoting a skin care product that made her look ‘more youthful’.

Readers are then asked to buy the product for $4.00 – without knowing that if they do so, their accounts will be wiped of $480 or more.

Wilkinson addressed the fake report on Today this morning. She said she has spoken to women who have been scammed by it and has approached Facebook for help with removing the scam, but they would not help.

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“It is absolute rubbish,” Wilkinson said.

“If you see this, run a mile from it. It’s got all these quotes from me which are complete rubbish.”