Lisa Wilkinson's '90s throwback photo is perfection.

You need to drop everything and see this photo of Lisa Wilkinson circa 1990.

Lisa Wilkinson’s professional career began early – by the time she was in her mid-20s, she was the editor of Cleo magazine, and she had the power earrings to prove it.

In a wonderful picture that could only have come from that magical decade (imagine the kind of photo Deb took in Napoleon Dynamite), Wilkinson poses against a generic blueish backdrop.

The now-bobbed Wilkinson had hair down to her bum. Who knew?!

“Comfy pose, no?” Lisa Wilkinson at peak 90s

She captioned the picture, which she posted for Throwback Thursday, “Bit of a 90s flashback to my days editing CLEO magazine. Such a comfy pose, no?”

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One apparent former employee commented on the pic, “You were the most awesome boss ever.”

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Still glam: Lisa Wilkinson still photographs well. Image via Getty Images

Wilkinson is 55 now, and after her stint editing Cleo she became the international editor-in-chief of the publication before moving into TV.

Wilkinson has been co-hosting the Today show since 2007