David Campbell proves he has Lisa Wilkinson's back in the best way possible.

For female presenters, the rules of morning television are fickle and rarely make sense, but when your co-stars have your back, sometimes comedic magic happens.

Just as Today host Lisa Wilkinson and Today Extra hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger did, who all managed to pull the ultimate smackdown on a truly ridiculous story on Wednesday morning.

HOW COULD YOU, LISA?! Image via Instagram/Channel 9.

Having been "busted" by The Daily Mail wearing the same Sheikh blouse on air twice in four months on Tuesday, Wilkinson took a stand on the story by wearing the blouse again on Wednesday morning.

A true fashion rebellion if ever we've heard one.

And then, because why the hell not, David Campbell also wore said blouse on Today Extra.

Clearly not enough, Sonia Kruger then also took a spin in the magical blouse for a few minutes.

Because in case you missed it, people can wear an outfit more than twice in a four month period. And to be totally honest, if I owned that blouse I'd definitely be wearing it more often than that.

Game, set, match to the Today team. Source: supplied.


Well played, Today Extra. Well played.