TV presenter's first class mid-air tantrum.

Lisa Oldfield has a known hatred of fat.

Last year, the television presenter and wife of former One Nation politician, David Oldfield, decided to have 5.5kg of it sucked out of her waist and back for the cool price of $10,000.

“I just hated looking and feeling bloated,” she told the Daily Mail of her procedure. “I have two beautiful little boys and barely any photos of them from the past two years. In the few photos we do have, I’m often using them to hide my big tummy.”

But it seems Oldfield’s fat-hate doesn’t just pertain to that of her own body, but to those of complete strangers, too.

In an nasty and brutal Instagram post, the mum-of-two has publicly attacked an overweight woman seated opposite on a first class flight to Hawaii.

The post was uploaded on Wednesday to Oldfield's personal account. (Mamamia has pixelated the photo to protect the identity of the woman pictured.)

"Nice to see #walda #frey getting away from #winterfell #fatf*ck," the former Channel Nine talk show panellist wrote.

The cruel post about the stranger - who the Sydney socialite labelled a "fat f**ck" - was uploaded following a complaint about Oldfield stripping down to her underwear mid-flight in order to put on her pyjamas. According to Oldfield, who was travelling to Hawaii for a business trip, this justifies her scathing 'Game of Thrones' inspired criticism.


“Walda couldn’t fit in to an economy seat so was bumped to first. Me in bra and knickers was 100 times less offensive than her clothed," Oldfield explained to the Daily Telegraphcontinuing her charming onslaught.

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Video via KCENTV

There is speculation that Oldfield will be chosen to be on the first instalment of Real Housewives of Sydney, having recently attended a number of meetings with Foxtel's personnel.

The network is expected to announce their line up of Sydney socialites in the coming months.