Take the day off work, Lisa Oldfield is offering a fortune to anyone who finds her dog.

Don’t bother going in to work today. Or if you’re already there, leave.

Lisa Oldfield, of Real Housewives of Sydney fame, has lost her beautiful fox terrier Neddy.

NEDDY. Image via Facebook.

We know, we know - dogs go missing all the time. They run off or jump a fence and not everyone has Lisa Oldfield's ability to be able to spread the word on social.

But we figure a lost doggo is a lost doggo.

And in case the fact a beautiful pupper is hopelessly lost isn't enough to rouse you from your desk, maybe the fact she's offering a $10,000 cash reward is.


"I'm beside myself," Oldfield told Mamamia. Given that we're dog lovers ourselves, we understand the heartbreak she's feeling right now.

If you have any information please contact 0415 262 495

Neddy went missing around the Musswellbrook, Scone, Denman and Aberdeen area in the Hunter region North West of Sydney.

If you have any information please contact 0415 262 495.

If you live nowhere near Neddy, or have no idea who Lisa Oldfield is, listen to her podcast with Mia Freedman below. 

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