ABC journalist wears same coat during Paris terror reporting, is mocked on social media.


Ladies when you are reporting from the front line of a major unplanned breaking news event, I hope you remembered to pack a variety of coats.

The ABC’s Europe correspondent Lisa Millar didn’t.

Millar in Paris with ABC colleagues (yep she’s wearing the coat – I guess it was cold?).

She has been in Paris, covering the terrorist attacks. Based in London, Millar would have had scant notice to get to Paris, and barely any time off work in the days that followed.

But none of those details mattered to one keen news watcher, who took Millar to task for her coat.


Beyond anything else, he does realise she’s in Paris right? Hot tip Stephen: They don’t have David Jones. Millar replied with a simple “huh?” so Stephen decided to double down.

Yep. Apparently, this is still a thing.

You might remember that Nine’s Karl Stefanovic spent a year wearing the same suit to work, and no one noticed.

Millar wore the same coat for two weeks while away from home covering arguably the most important breaking news event of the year, and someone still wanted to take her to task for her clothes.


She was not having it.

Other reporters were also quick to jump in and defend Millar.


Stefanovic, who was in Paris in the aftermath of the attack for the Today show, also wore the same coat while reporting each day from the French capital.


And what of the coat – a reporter’s best weapon against the encroaching European winter, working hard every day for two solid weeks? Millar made sure it got some rest. 

Hopefully she has too.