We love what this Friends star is doing with her hair right now.

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If we told you one of the stars of Friends had an awesome new hairstyle, we bet our morning coffee that you’d assume we were talking about Jennifer Aniston.

Come on – we’re right, aren’t we? Every time she makes even the slightest tweak to her iconic honey-coloured hair, the woman we know best as Rachel Green makes worldwide headlines. Meanwhile, her fellow Friends alumni tend to slip under the radar, even when they have fantastic hairstyles of their own.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair, from The Rachel to now.

This is exactly what’s happened to Lisa Kudrow lately. Right now, Phoebe Buffay’s real-life countepart has a seriously cool, elegant and understated dye job happening that could be a game-changer for hair colour this year. And yet… very few seem to have noticed.

So we’ve decided to give Lisa’s hair the love and attention it deserves.

Here she is at a recent lunch for Jennifer Aniston, that was hosted by Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington. As in, at Arianna’s home.

How amazing does that sound? We’re assuming our invitations got lost in the mail…

Rachel McAdams now has balayage. Huh?

Also, we can't think of any other celebrities who are wearing this look right now, so this could be a trend-setter. She's always been an original, that Phoebe - ah, we mean, Lisa.

Who was your favourite Friends star?