The Find: The all-in-one lip product that makes liner redundant.

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Confession: I love to wear bright lipstick, but I hate faffing around using four separate products to prep, line and then finally fill in lips, so I’m always looking for a shortcut. Some call it laziness, I call it efficiency.

After too long spent with bleeding lip colour, I was almost ready to give up the battle and give into liner… then I discovered Lipstick Queen’s Cupid Bow Lip Crayons ($32).

An all-in-one lip product that’s so easy to use, it’s special formula and pointed tip does the job of both lipstick and liner. Yep – lip liner is now officially redundant. (Post continues after video.)

How to use

With a deliciously vanilla-y scent, creamy formula and seriously pigmented colour range, these are the perfect size to keep on you ALWAYS.

All-in-one, my latest obsession. Image: supplied.

They're also incredibly straightforward to use - simply use the crayon to line your lips as you would a normal lip liner, then channel your best primary school colouring in skills and fill in the gaps. The colour is rich and goes on easily, so one layer is more than enough.


The finish is slightly shimmery but without the slippery feel of the gloss and feels very natural on the lips. I tried three colours - Metamorphis which is an orange-based red, the perfect pinky nude in Golden Arrow and my personal favourite, the vibrant pink Eros.

Unlike other crayons, these are genuinely long lasting and are just as good at lining lips as most lip liners themselves. This is it eight hours after the first application (and many coffees and foods eaten).

The staying power is incredible. Image: supplied.

So yes, it is possible to do less work and get better results. This is the kind of beauty we like.

Have you tried the Lipstick Queen Cupid's Bow Lip Crayons? What did you think?

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