Watch: the number-one reason you shouldn't lip sync and drive.

For some reason, in 2015 it became a legitimate skill to lip sync to songs in a car.

A group of young women called SketchShe have travelled the world performing other people’s songs in stationery cars.

Seriously. They’ve been on Ellen.

Fortunately, we’ve now been alerted to the dangers of undertaking a highly choreographed lip-sync routine in the car, and not a moment too soon.

Sure, it’s all fun and games… until someone gets hurt.

This graphic and extremely important public service announcement has been brought to us by SkitBox, who have also generated some important social commentary on the ubiquity of active wear.

Observe the PSA. Post continues after video…

Video via Van Vuuren Bros

It’s all very well to perform Bad Blood without the keys in the ignition, but what if you forget the number-one rule of lip syncing?

Don’t lip sync and drive.

That those girl-squad dance moves look cool, but you need both hands on the wheel, my friends.

Thank you SkitBox ladies. It’s a hard video to watch, but an important one.