Here's every little word lip readers deciphered during the royal wedding.

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So, on Saturday there was a very fancy wedding.

Along with members of the royal family, a whole bunch of Hollywood celebrities attended said fancy wedding.

They sung some hymns, wiped away a few tears, and all appeared to be rather happy for the bride and groom.

They also said a bunch of stuff that they thought no one would ever hear.

Except… except… lip readers exist.

You see, professional lip readers have studied the footage from the royal wedding and uncovered exactly what people were saying when they thought no one was listening.

Here’s a round up of what they found:

1. Zara Tindall

It seems like Zara Tindall (Harry’s cousin) experienced every pregnant woman’s worst nightmare during the ceremony.

You see, halfway through American pastor Michael Curry’s sermon, Tindall leaned over and said something to her husband, Mike Tindall.


According to a lip reader who spoke to the Sunday Times, Tindall said: “I need the toilet.”

Yep, and that sermon just kept going… and going… and going.

2. Prince Harry

Sky News reports that while walking into the Chapel, Harry said to his brother, “This is as far as we can go.”

He then asked the Duke of Cambridge, “Is she here?”

To which his brother replied, “No, not yet.”

Prince Harry tells Meghan she looks “amazing”. 

Video via BBC News

According to James Freeston, professional lip reader at 121Captions, 33-year-old Harry’s first words to Meghan when she reached the altar were, “Are you OK? You look amazing.”


Meghan, 36, then responded with, “Thank you.”

So yes, pretty standard stuff.

Tina Lannin, another lip reader at 121Captions, told Fabulous Online Harry said, “I’m ready for a drink now” while leaving the ceremony with Meghan on the horse drawn carriage.

3. Meghan Markle

According to Lannin, when the newlyweds emerged from the chapel Meghan asked her new husband, “Do we kiss?”

Harry then replied, “Yeah.”

Meghan asks Harry whether they should kiss. 

Video via BBC News

Many people watching from home thought the bride dropped an “Oh, f**k” while riding in the horse-drawn carriage away from the ceremony.

However, a lip reader for Sky News believes she said, “So much fun”, while clutching her hand to her chest.

During the ceremony Meghan apparently said “This is weird”, “Wow how busy” and “Unbelievable”.

Both Meghan and Harry said “Hi” and “Hello” as they waved to the crowd.

4. Tom Parker Bowles

Well, Tom Parker Bowles was all of us at the wedding.


According to Sky News, while walking into the ceremony Parker Bowles announced, “I’m not hungover today so that’s really good.”

Indeed, it is.

5. George Clooney

According to the Sunday Times, George Clooney told James Corden, “You look great” as they were walking into the ceremony.


Yep, Smithy’s come a long way.

 6. Joss Stone

Singer Joss Stone was obviously a lil’ bit concerned about the long day ahead of her.

Joss Stone talks to her friend. 

Video via BBC News

According to Sky News, she told her friend: “I can sleep on the way home”, while walking into the ceremony.