Mum warns of dangers of fillers after she had a horrific reaction.

Sally Roberts, a mum from Wales, has issued a warning to other women about the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

Roberts, a self-confessed lover of Botox, had a severe allergic reaction to lip fillers, which then led to a nasty infection. Roberts had the treatment last Saturday, which she says was carried out by a “qualified nurse in a reputable salon”.

On the day of the procedure everything went smoothly, but the next morning Roberts woke up to find that she looked “like something from a horror movie”.

In the photos she shared on Facebook, you can see clear liquid bubbling out of the blisters on her swollen, cracked lips.

Roberts’ lips continued to swell and she was advised by her GP to go straight to the emergency room as she was in danger of going into anaphylactic shock.

There, she was told she had experienced a severe allergic reaction to the filler which had led to an infection.

“After being in excruciating pain for days with rock hard, cracked, peeling, leaking lips, I am now on the mend thank God… I’m on steroids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines and strong pain relief,” she wrote.

“If I hadn’t have improved by today I was going to have to stay in hospital and go on a drip, but luckily the meds have started working and my lips have gone down in size but still nowhere near ‘normal looking’.”

Roberts said the whole experience has been a “massive eye opener” for her and she probably wouldn’t have more cosmetic surgery in the future. She also claimed she had more photos that she didn’t want to share online as her whole face was swollen and she looked “like a crack head”.

“So… if you’re thinking about lip fillers, be prepared for the possibility of a BAD reaction,” she wrote.

“The last few days have been absolutely horrific, the infection has gone into my blood and made me really poorly. You never think things like this will happen to you. NEVER AGAIN.”

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