Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Lionel Richie isn’t exactly stoked about his 19yo daughter dating 34yo “sex addict” Scott Disick

Excuse us while we pick ourselves off the floor, because this is a surprise: Lionel Richie has reservations about his teenage daughter entering into a relationship with a 34-year-old reality TV star. Crazy stuff.

Richie’s daughter Sofia Richie has recently confirmed she is dating Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick. Who is also a father of three.

In an interview with US Weekly, Richie said he wasn’t… sold… on the idea.

“I’m scared to death, are you kidding me?” Richie said. “Have I been in shock?! I’m the dad, come on.”

I love you

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Disick confessed to having a sex addiction in May of this year.

“I’m a sex addict. I’m a f**ked up, horrible sex addict,” he said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The media personality has also done stints in rehab for alcoholism in the past.

2. The Bachelor’s exes Megan and Tiffany are on holiday together. No really

Image: Instagram.

Welcome to our worst nightmare.

Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon are on holiday together after announcing their split back in March. Both former Bachelor contestants are in the Philippines (we suspect as part of one of those trips where influencers all go away together - as work, no less - and promote the country in question).

And yep, this time, both Megan and Tiff are there. Neither have uploaded a photo with the other, though they have posed in a group photo.

Here's hoping they're both walking away from this one with a fat pay check to make those awkward group dinners worth it.

3. Ratings are in and Kyle and Jackie O aren't the king and queen of radio anymore

Radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson are known for the outlandish antics and controversial segments. But the KIIS FM hosts have also held a claim as the most listened to breakfast radio show in Sydney.

Now their 15-month reign at the top has come to an end. Well, sort of.

The latest ratings results show that the Kyle And Jackie O Show is now the equal most popular show on the airwaves, sharing the number one spot with WSFM's Jonesy and Amanda.

Both shows share an equal percentage of the audience - 1o.3 per cent.

They're followed by Triple M Grill team, Fitzy And Wippa and 2Day FM's Em Rusciano Show.


4. In very irrelevant relationship news, Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz are back together

How to officially announce you’re back together these days? Well if you’re Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz, tagging each other on Instagram is the obvious way.

The couple, who called it quits over a year ago, rekindled their romance via their respective Instagram accounts. Millennials these days, huh?

According to Instagram (the most reliable source of course), the pair kinda/sorta/indirectly confirmed what we were all thinking in just one photo.

That photo was of two pairs of checkered Vans with the caption, “Matching missing this one” which was posted back in May 2016 by Beckham. Seems normal right?

Luckiest person on earth ❤️

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Well not when he recycled that photo on Wednesday, tagged Moretz and wrote a new caption that reads: “Luckiest person on earth .”

8.27.17 NY

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8.27.17 NY

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Yep you could say it’s basically official. 

5. Matty J's sister just had a baby and we're irrationally excited about George 2.0

Friends, hold on tight because the day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived.

No, Trump and Kim Jong-un haven't hugged it out.

We can confirm The Bachelor star Matty J's ridiculously lovely sister, Kate, has in fact given birth to George 2.0. Only he is a she and her name is Millie.

The 31-year-old reportedly told Yahoo Be both mum and bub are doing well, saying he can't wait to be back on babysitting duty.

Unfortunately, we are yet to be blessed with pictures of said baby. While you wait, please enjoy this shrine montage of adorable George pictures.