The Lion King's live action Pumbaa is seriously freaking people out.

I say this with the upmost love and respect but warthogs are not… cute.

They’re fast and tough, and as Disney informed us; enjoy singing, but c’mon, no one is looking at a warthog and going “awwwwww”.

But… I think everyone forgot this? It seems they’ve always associated ‘warthog’ with smiley, happy, singy Pumbaa from The Lion King and now faced with this reality, they’re losing their damn minds.

Watch The Lion King teaser trailer. Post continues below video.

Video by Mamamia

You may be aware that Disney has turned everyone’s favourite animated movie into a live action film, due to be released in July. This means all our favourite characters (and Scar, ugh) are now very high definition creatures that look real.

Everyone thought that was cool, until Seth Rogen, who voices the larger half of film’s most iconic duo Timon and Pumbaa in the upcoming movie, went and posted an image of live action Pumbaa and everyone realised a real warthog is significantly less cute than a cartoon version.

Live action Pumbaa is here to Hakuna Matata your nightmares. Image: Twitter.

Mmhm... Now that's a warthog.

The public reaction has been a mix of confusion, outrage and pure fear.

A real-life portrait of everyone on the internet when they see live action Pumbaa.






Have none of these people ever seen a nature documentary? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On the bright side, absolutely everyone is in agreement that Timon is GREAT.

The Lion King will be released in Australia cinemas on July 18, 2019.