Bold And The Beautiful star talks about her freak accident.

“I saw my feet and kind of the state that they were in, which was not facing the right direction.”

In February this year, Bold And The Beautiful star Linsey Godfrey, 26, underwent major surgery after being hit by a car in Los Angeles (read more about the accident here).

After the accident, the star who plays Caroline Spencer Forrester on the show was said to have been pulled out of the wreckage and rushed to hospital.

Sharing her recollection of the accident, Godfrey told ET,  “There was an accident. Two cars collided and I was on the sidewalk, and they kind of went across the lanes, and one of the cars struck me.”

Linsey Gofdrey is hospital with her daughter Adela.

Godfrey then became pinned under the car, unable to move. "I didn't really understand. I mean, I saw my feet and kind of the state that they were in, which was not facing the right direction," she continued.

The star then realised she had extensive injuries as a result of the freak accident. "Both of my ankles were dislocated and broken and then my tibia and fibula, which are your shin bones, went through the skin," Godfrey explained.

Watch the video below to see Linsey take her first steps after the accident. Post continues after video...

But through all of that pain, there was only one thing Godfrey could think about. Her then eight-month-old baby daughter, Adela. "I remember thinking that I had to breastfeed my baby. I’d only just dashed out and was planning to go straight back to feed her," she tells New Idea.

Thankfully, Godfrey is now well on the road to recovery and is preparing to return to her role in daytime television.

"I have to be grateful that I still get to be here and I still get to see my baby another day," Godfrey told ET.

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