A teen asked about part-time work. She received a sickening message in return.

Apparently some people are still yet to realise that LinkedIn is a professional website and not a place for sexual harassment.

Having used the networking site to advertise two positions at her UK company, 19-year-old Kayley White also asked if anyone knew of any part-time weekend work available in the area.

It was then that the trainee accountant received a message from an unknown man at a nearby firm saying, “You can suck my d**k any time you like sweetheart.”

linkedin abuse

White's LinkedIn profile. Source: LinkedIn.


Screenshotting the message, White then shared the man's comments publicly on the site in a post that has since been viewed over 8,000 times. White also tagged the man's employer in the post with the caption, "very professional."

The man in question claims the message was sent by someone else who had access to his account.

Speaking to The Daily Mail about the message, White says she decided to take action to highlight how regularly women receive "rude and suggestive messages" from men.

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"When I posted it I didn't expect such a vulgar and awful message in response. It made me feel sick. I clicked on the guy's account it came from and it had his company details and everything," White said, continuing, "I've had people in the past say stuff like 'I like your picture', but never anything like this. This is just black and white - it's disgusting."

"Someone wouldn't walk past me in the street and say something like this, so what makes them think they can do it on LinkedIn," White asked, before adding, "maybe this will make people think twice about sending these kind of messages."

linkedin abuse

People react to White's LinkedIn abuse. Source: LinkedIn.

Since sharing the message, the man's company has said it is investigating the matter and taking appropriate action, and White has received countless messages of support from other LinkedIn users.

"I know it's not just me who receives stuff like this - it's women across the world," she said.

"I feel awful for all girls who receive this on a daily basis.

"I wanted to be one of the women who stand up for themselves."