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"I was humiliated": Lindy Klim breaks her silence on her turbulent divorce from Michael Klim.

After almost a decade of marriage, it was in late 2015 Lindy Klim realised her relationship with Australian swimmer, Michael Klim, had irreversibly broken down.

Even though they had been working hard to keep their family together, revelations of Michael’s relationship with another woman — which he continues to deny — finally ended the tumultuous marriage.

In her first interview since announcing their separation in February this year, the 38-year-old has spoken honestly about her devastation.

“I felt really hurt and humiliated and not sure what to say,” she told News Corp’s Stellar magazine.

Before now, Lindy has remained completely silent on the divorce to protect her children, but it was hard while Michael talked publicly about their private battle.

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The two of them in 2014. Image via Getty.

"I just concentrated on the kids, and I do feel that me focusing on just healing was more important than going on a PR campaign. He's been out there in the media from day one. It's been very difficult for me to hold my tongue."

Lindy also says she found out about Michael's reported relationship with his new partner, Desiree Deravi, halfway through 2015, thanks to the media.

"I felt very let-down; that was probably the humiliation of finding out about things in a magazine. I didn't know that was going on, which was really hurtful."

"Obviously we'd been struggling for a while, but I thought we were keeping a hold on it and trying really hard to work it out."

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In an emotional admission, the model and businesswoman tells Stellar magazine she questioned her worth after discovering her husband was reportedly with another woman.

"I felt like I'd failed in a way, as being a wife. I was feeling a bit like, 'Oh my God, I couldn't keep all this together. What's wrong with me?'"

For a while, she wondered if she would ever have any future romantic relationships with her self-esteem so low and three children was a large responsibility to embrace.

But, things changed when she was set-up on a blind date with Adam Ellis, who fit perfectly into her life.

See what Lindy is doing now. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

Ellis, a property developer, even sat down with Lindy's three children, Stella, Rocco and Frankie, to seek their permission to date their mother.

"It was really nice, and they've taken him on. It could have gone terribly wrong; Stella is exactly my personality and she's quite a difficult one to negotiate with sometimes, but because he's so amazing with the children we've not had one single glitch."

While her relationship with Ellis is blossoming, after they became engaged earlier this year, the resentment has not faded towards Michael.


Initially, he suggested "bird's nest" parenting, where the children stay in the same home and parents come and go. But, Lindy couldn't bear the thought of sharing a home with Michael and his girlfriend.

When Michael comes over to Bali to see the kids, Lindy is even compelled to leave the island because she's so afraid of bumping into him.

Despite the complications that still exist, she trusts they will be great parents together.

The past year may have been deeply traumatic for Lindy, but she's hoping the next will continue to look up.

Note: Michael Klim has publicly denied any accusations that he had an affair. You can read his interview here.