Lindsay Lohan lists every product in her makeup bag.

 Image via Instagram

In an interview with US beauty website Into The Gloss recently, Lindsay Lohan described every item in her makeup bag and bathroom cabinet.

I’m into it; it’s intriguing to know the exact makeup products the 28-year-old uses to dress her eyes, cheeks and lips… and to compare to what’s in your own makeup bag.

Amongst the products she lists are chemist brand products – she adores a moisturiser that’s just $13 – but there are also items that cost upwards of $300.


So I got to thinking…


...Just HOW MUCH does Lindsay Lohan spend on looking and feeling good?!

So The Glow team did some maths...

Click through the gallery to find out - You just may drop your wine when you see the grand total at the end. 

Read the full interview here.

How much do you think spend on beauty products every year?