Lindsay Lohan's live-coverage of Brexit told you everything you needed to know.

The pound has taken a nose-dive, ASOS went down for hours and Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he’ll be stepping aside in just a few short months. All because no one listened to Lindsay Lohan.

As the Brits went to the polling booths to vote on whether or not to stay in the European Union, the actress bravely took to social media inciting them to “remain”.

Alas, she did delete her tweets, but not before they were widely spotted by her followers:

“Be smart, pay attention and work hard to buy Chanel,” she warned, but no one heeded her desperate calls.

When the child star come hot mess first chimed in on Twitter with her take on #Brexit people were all like…


But, in fact, the American actress who now lives in London and has Irish heritage (I mean, just look at her hair) actually managed to make several compelling points — in less than 140 characters, to boot!

As it turns out, our Linds has quite an interest in local politics as evidenced by her articulate appeal to the nation’s small business owners.

(Sorry, what?)


Understandably other savvy Twitter users began to query the sincerity of the seemingly out of character, capital letter heavy offerings. But Lindsay confirmed it was all her.

Then there was this question for national newspaper The Telegraph, which I’m actually still not over.

Honestly, I just did not see that one coming…

Watch Nigel Farage’s 4am victory speech over the EU referendum (post continues after video):.

There was a few informative articles, some, WHY MANCHESTER, WHY?-ing…

And then she actually reeled off several important considerations for would-be voters, starting with the soon-to-be-suffering British pound.

Check out some of LiLo’s latest Instagram snaps. Post continues after gallery…

Occupational health and safety, anyone?

But, seriously, what about the pound?

Anyway, her final, arguably most salient point came in the form of a staunch and articulate defence of Britain’s working class, who will likely suffer the most from yesterday’s result.

She also posted this gloriously convincing photo on her Instagram account.

It's not clear why the tweets are gone. But fingers crossed we see more of Lindsay Lohan child actress come hot mess come political commentator.