The video that has fans claiming Lindsay Lohan is pregnant and dangerous.

After breaking up with her fiancè Egor Tarabasov amid claims of abuse, Lindsay Lohan has been holidaying with friends in Europe.

But that hasn’t stopped her ‘fans’ from taking aim at the star, especially after she posted a video of herself jumping off a yacht that has them very, very confused.

During her breakup with Egor, Lindsay tweeted a hint that she was pregnant, posting a link to the trailer of a movie she starred in back in 2009, where she plays a woman who pretends to be pregnant to escape being fired from her job.

And despite clarifying that she’s not pregnant, her fans can’t seem to let it go.


In the video (above), Lindsay wears a spotted one-piece swimsuit as she jumps from a yacht, with followers flooding her comments section with questions about her weight.

Fans flooded the actress' comments section with questions about whether she was pregnant. Image via Instagram/Lindsay Lohan.

"She looks pregnant," wrote one follower, while another commented, "congrats on the baby...you're already showing."

Others offered their opinions about the safety of jumping off a boat while pregnant.

Some of the comments left on Lindsay's Instagram post. Image via Instagram/Lindsay Lohan.

With the comments flooding in, the actress took matters into her own hands, replying to the observations about her weight.

Lindsay Lohan responded to comments about her body on her video. Image via Instagram/Lindsay Lohan.

"I just was breathing out big so I look chubby lol all good," she wrote.

When another fan asked if she was pregnant, she simply replied, "hahaha".

The lesson we've all learned here? Let a girl holiday, eat pasta and relax in peace.