Hair of the day: Lily Cole is a red-headed Disney Princess

Image via Getty

If you’ve ever doubted the existence of mermaids (shame on you), you’re about to be served a hefty slice of humble pie.

Because this photo is definitive proof that The Little Mermaid is a true story. Well, the Disney ‘happily ever after’ version of it anyway.

Look at English supermodel/actress Lily Cole in the image above. Now, can you honestly look us in the eye and tell us she’s not Ariel?

Here's a better look at Lily:

Those glorious, tumbling red ringlets are suspiciously mermaid-like, and Lily's metallic dress is a less-than-subtle nod to a shimmering tail. Ariel - ah, we mean Lily - probably has a purple clam shell bra stashed somewhere in her wardrobe.

If Sofia Coppola is still looking to cast the lead in her upcoming take on The Little Mermaid, we reckon she should give 26-year-old Lily a call.

If you're still not convinced on the mermaid front, here's another Disney reference for you: Lily's curls are equally reminiscent of Merida's in Brave. Next time, she just needs to remember to bring a bow and arrow to the red carpet.

Does Lily look more like Merida or Ariel to you?