The hair trick every woman with a fringe must try. Immediately.

It’s no secret that with a great fringe comes great responsibilities – and those responsibilities include a hell of a lot of high maintenance styling.

Some days you just don’t have the time to spend an hour washing, drying and styling your hair just to appease your bangs – something Mamamia‘s entertainment writer Katy knows all too well.

“I’d been living outside of fringe territory for around six years before I recently decided to make the move back. And like all hair changes, the transition has been rocky at times, especially given that my fringe seems to get oily much easier than the rest of my hair,” she says. (Post continues after gallery.)


“While I can usually go around five days between hair washes, my newly acquired baby up front needs a little more TLC. And complaining about my predicament one day, a Mamamia co-worker imparted some of the all-time best fringe benefit advice to me.”

Like all life-changing advice, it’s simple, obvious, and deceptively achievable – just wash your fringe by itself!

While simple, it will make a huge difference if you’re time-poor or just plain lazy like us.

4 steps to a Good Fringe Day.

  1. Tie back all of your hair except your fringe.
  2. Either in the shower or at a basin wet your fringe and shampoo.
  3. Once thoroughly washed, rinse and towel dry your fringe.
  4. Apply a heat protector before blow drying and styling as usual.

So grab a brush and a mirror, watch Katy’s demonstration in the video above and prepare to have your life changed.

Image: Supplied.

What’s your styling hack for dealing with a fringe?