How to follow your passions - even after you have kids.

You can do it, we promise.

I’ll never forget one ‘90s Oprah episode when she was interviewing Richard Gere, who was the hottest actor at the time.

Oprah was asking him about how becoming a dad had affected his career, and he said something like:

“Having kids has made it easier, because I’m more selective about what I do. It has to be a really good quality role to take me away from my son, so I’ve found that I’m making better choices, instead of doing every single thing that comes along.”

It IS possible.


This was the first time I’d ever considered the fact that having children might be a good thing for my career. I’d found becoming a mum incredibly overwhelming and the moment I held my son in my arms, all thought of the job I’d taken leave from flew out of my head. I didn’t love it enough to leave him for it. I’d felt like this was a personal failure, but it wasn’t. I was just in the wrong job.

Becoming a mum was forcing me to reassess what I wanted to do in my life because to leave him, it would have to be something special.

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I had another baby and then another and dipped in and out of work, knowing the entire time that my distress at having to work was more about the fact I’d not found something I valued enough to leave them for. I kept thinking it would be great to finally become a writer and then dismissing it, because how on earth could I find the time to pursue my passion with three little children? I’d always wanted to be a writer and I’d dabbled with it but never done anything about it.


“Having kids has made it easier…”

That conversation between Oprah and Richard Gere kept popping into my head. It had really struck me because it’s was so true.

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So I enrolled in a writing degree that I could do mostly from home. I’d sit down each night after the kids had gone to bed and after I’d cleaned the house. I’d make a cup of tea and then study for four hours, three times a week.

“it was easy because I loved it.”


I’ve been asked countless times how on earth I managed to do it with three children and my answer is always that it was easy because I loved it.

Now I’m doing my Masters of Research which leads into my PhD. I’ve discovered that I not only love writing, but I love learning.

My children are healthy, happy and dressed in the correct school uniform most days, and I’m still asked how I get everything done. I always say the first step is to choose something you love, because then you’ll just find the time and the energy because you really want to do it.

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What is your secret passion? We all have one. Even if you don’t know what it is yet, what are some things you think you might love to do? I know so many women doing the same thing I am. Now that they have children they can’t bear to go back to their former careers.


Some are happy with their careers but have a hobby they’d like to try. One mum I know put together a mum’s soccer team and plays twice a week. Another mum I know has just signed up to become a personal trainer. I have a friend who paints these amazing, large, floral designs in her spare time when she’s not being a mum and a hairdresser.

What is your secret passion? We all have one.


I love being a mum. I live and breathe it every day. And still, every night after they have gone to bed and sometimes early in the morning before they are awake, I am a writer (in fact it’s 5.37am as I look at the clock now). I’m an early morning writer, a mum by day and a late night uni student.

“How do you fit it all in?”

“Because I love it.”

What is your secret passion?


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