"Single women don't want to steal your husband, OK?"

This week my hairdresser was tending to my silvers. We were chatting away about this and that. She has a little one in daycare and told me that there is a Mum’s Night out coming up and she was too nervous to go.

I asked her why.

She told me that she feels judged by the other Mums because she lives in a unit.

“What did you just say?” I spun my chair around and faced her. She repeated her sentence and I was a little speechless, which rarely happens but when it does, it is worth noting.

"I was a little speechless, which rarely happens but when it does, it is worth noting." - Mrs Woog.

I delivered her a passionate diatribe regarding who gives a fuck and that if someone was going to judge her because she lives in a unit, then they are the most hideous person that she was likely to encounter ever. But the thing is, dear friends, unfortunately she is probably right. Women can be right cows towards one another.

The other interesting thing that I hear from women, is if they are divorced, the immediately want to root everyone else’s husbands.

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Well, I have several good friends who are divorced or separated. One very old mate (old in the sense that we have known each other for over 20 years) has written about her situation which she calls The Family Realignment.

One of my bestie’s husband ran off with a young lady from work. Now neither of these ladies are remotely interested in stealing anyone’s husband. They are two of the strongest people I know and are doing an amazing job of raising children alone. I just don’t think I could do it, but when faced with these circumstances, you have no choice.

Not every woman is after your husband (a la Fatal Attraction). Image via Tumblr.

You just do it.

So in conclusion, my sisters, let’s be a little kinder to each other shall we? You are no better than anyone else. You might think you are, but you’re not.

So some homework for you! I would like you to do ONE THING for another woman today. One nice thing. You might like to pop over to a mate’s place with a bottle of her favourite wine. Call a school Mum and she if you can pick up her kids for her after school. Buy a colleague a muffin. Pick a bunch of flowers and leave it on your neighbours doorstep. Something. ANYTHING.

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You see so many women rant on and on and on about feminism, who is the best feminist, who studied feminism at university and in a way, all of these arguments end up eating themselves if we still continue to be bitchy to each other.

The conscious liberation of the female state starts now. And it starts with you and me. And if you are going to a Daycare Mum’s Night out tonight and you end up sitting next to a hairdresser who lives in a unit, you are lucky. Because she is a fabulous chick with great stories.

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