Baby news: Libby and Luke Trickett have welcomed their second child.

Libby and Luke Trickett have welcomed their second child into the world.

They named their daughter, who arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning, Edwina Daisy Trickett.

Edwina is the little sister of Poppy, who is now two.

“Luke and I are so thrilled to announce that our second little girl, Edwina Daisy Trickett arrived into the world (a couple of weeks early – just like her big sister!) on the 23rd of February at 1.25am!” Libby wrote in an Instagram post.

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“Little Eddie weighed 3.7kg and is 52cm long. We can’t believe how lucky and blessed we are to have brought another gorgeous little being into our lives!

“We are so in love and Poppy is a very excited big sister.”

Earlier this month Libby swam 1km for a charity event while 35 weeks pregnant.

“I think I unofficially broke the world record for the 1km ocean swim done by a 35-week pregnant woman,” she laughed speaking to Seven News following the Noosa Summer Swim.

Trickett, 33, cheered as she ran out of the water.

“It’s a very specific record but you know, we go after it,” she said.

Congratulations Libby and Luke.