Great news: Australian Olympic gold medallist Libby Trickett is pregnant.

Former Olympic swimmer and five-time world record holder Libby Trickett has announced that she and husband Luke Trickett are expecting their second child.

Sharing the news alongside an ultrasound image to Instagram on Friday, the 32-year-old wrote, “Luke and I are super excited to announce that we will be welcoming baby Trickett #2 into the world in early March!!”

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The mum-of-one also added the hashtags, #herewegoagain, #preparingforthesleepdeprivation and #thattummyisntjustmyexcessivehotchipintake.

After marrying in 2007, Luke (who is also a former champion swimmer) and Libby welcomed their first baby, daughter Poppy Frances in August 2015. The couple also suffered a miscarriage in 2014, something Libby told Mamamia she is ultimately grateful for.


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“I am so grateful that I have Poppy now and for any future babies that we might have all we want is a healthy, happy baby,” she said in April.

“So many women go through it and we feel like it’s our fault and we feel like it’s our bodies failing on some level but in reality, it’s not. That little being just wasn’t meant to be for some reason.”

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According to Libby’s post, Poppy seems to think she’s set for a baby brother, but really, any baby is a blessing.

Congratulations, Libby, Luke and Poppy!