Why Libby Trickett can now feel 'grateful' for her miscarriage.

It’s one of the most devastating sentences a woman can hear.

“Your baby has no heartbeat.”

But for Libby Trickett, it wasn’t all sorrow and grief (although that certainly consumed her for a long time.)

Instead of letting the miscarriage of her first baby break her, the Olympic swimmer learned a valuable lesson from her loss. And she says she is grateful for that.

Listen: Libby talks about the experience on the I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast.

Libby lost her baby two years ago in the eighth week of her pregnancy.

“It was a very early miscarriage but you still feel sadness,” she says.

Suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, the 32-year-old always knew she might have trouble getting pregnant, but the miscarriage itself came as a shock.

Fortunately, she had joy in her future, with the birth of her now eight-month-old daughter Poppy just a year away. But first, she had to make it through the sadness.


“Motherhood really does start with pregnancy,” Libby says.

“You immediately feel that protection over that little being, even though they’re a little seed at that point, they’re no more than a little heartbeat.

“We saw that heartbeat and I immediately starting fantasising and imagining what they might become. I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl. I didn’t know whether they would have blonde hair or be a brunette like Poppy is. But you start to dream and to imagine what this person, this little being, might become.

“I think that really shocked me, how attached I became,” she tells Alissa Warren.

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Looking back on the experience, Libby says once she had enough time to heal, she was grateful for it.

“Because I am so grateful that I have Poppy now and for any future babies that we might have all we want is a healthy, happy baby.

“So many women go through it and we feel like it’s our fault and we feel like it’s our bodies failing on some level but in reality it’s not. That little being just wasn’t meant to be for some reason,” she said.

It’s a beautiful sentiment from a beautiful mother.

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