Hilarious: One Direction are hating life. Selfies with fans are just so tiring.




It must be SO hard to be in world famous boy band, One Direction.

All those pesky private jets and huge paychecks and stadiums full of screaming fans.

Must be TOUGH. Right, Liam?


One Direction. Liam is sitting… I don’t know. He’s one of them.

Okay, it probably is a bit tough every now and then. But in a life-is-so-exhausting-when-you’re-rich-and-famous kind of way. Not a lot of sympathy here, to be honest.

Liam Payne, who is one fifth of One Direction, was working the crowd with selfies at the ARIA Awards on Wednesday. Gone are the days of signing autograph books – now, the celebrities have to walk down the line, grabbing the fans’ smartphones to snap a photo of themselves with the diehards.

Except, Liam didn’t look too enthusiastic. He looked like a spoiled brat.


Fair to say that Liam doesn’t smile all the time. Fair to say that his cheeks might’ve been getting a little tired. But, just a little suggestion to our young 21-year-old pal Liam:

Be careful with the attitude, dude. We don’t doubt your young lady fans will love you regardless, but show them as much respect as possible. They may be annoying, they may be relentless, they may be silly and overexcited and exhausting, but remember:

Without them, there is no One Direction. That’s what makes them beautiful.

Okay, lecture over. Back to boy-band business, Liam.

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