Liam Hemsworth did NOT like kissing Jennifer Lawrence.



Jennifer Lawrence just keeps getting more appealing.

Aussie Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth (youngest son from the best-looking family on Earth, was once engaged to Miley Cyrus) went on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon (host extraordinaire) asked him some questions that fans had sent in from Twitter.

Scroll down for video.

One of the fans asked: “What was the most awkward scene to shoot?” (referring to the filming of The Hunger Games franchise with Jennifer Lawrence).

This was Liam’s EXCELLENT response.

“Any time I had to kiss Jennifer was pretty uncomfortable… If we had a kissing scene she would make a point of eating garlic or tunafish or something disgusting. And then right before the scene she would say, “Yeah… I had garlic/tuna and I didn’t brush my teeth.”

Legend. Absolute legend.

And Liam is pretty darn cute himself.

Another question Jimmy asked was, “What was your most awkward moment in high school?”

Liam, who grew up in Melbourne and Phillip Island, described himself as being a bit awkward after a growth spurt in high school – “skinny, lanky, with curly blonde hair and freckles.”

And then Jimmy whipped out a picture.


Nawww. Still cute.

Watch the interview here. Warning: May develop at least one, potentially inappropriate crush.