The amount of time most women wait before their partners see them without makeup.

Newsflash! Newsflash!

This just in:

A survey of women aged 18-30 showed that 54% wouldn’t let their partners see their bare faces until after 12 months of relationship-ville.

Additionally, 51% would bare alllll of their other skin after only six months.

So basically, we are more comfortable with the skin on our asses than the skin on our faces.

I’m all for a bit of make-up. I generally don’t leave the house without a bit of brow and lash work. Come Saturday night, and I have an absolute ball painting my face up in pretty colours to get me some smokey-eyed goodness. But not letting a boyfriend see me bare-faced for a year?

That just wouldn’t work for me.

Lucy- being freaked out. With lipstick on her teeth. 

It’s not that I have more confidence than your average woman. Nor do I have particularly wonderful skin. I just can’t work out the logistics.

How is it possible to sleep next to someone for a year with a full face of make-up? Surely these women must have the dirtiest pillow cases imaginable?

If I slept in my Saturday night make-up, my pillow would look like a Pollock the next morning.

“Ahhh, yes. ‘Tis the canvas that Lucy slept on without removing her liquid eyeliner. A masterpiece.

And what about when the women get wet? A dip in the ocean? A tub session? A saucy shower together (in the interest of saving water, of course…)? But with a full face of make-up, surely one would go into the shower looking like a goddess, and come out looking like a wet raccoon?


The make-up would need to be re-done, surely, which would require it to be removed at some point. But that quick window of make-up removal before the next layer goes on must be done with rapid succession behind a locked door, I assume? Unless these ladies are just putting more make-up on top of the existing make-up. After a year of that, their heads probably weigh twice as much from foundation alone.

Also, why a year? Is there some kind of time-post at the one-year-mark that makes a man less likely to judge a bare face? Why not show them quickly? In my opinion, it’s better to get that over and done with, because if a potential partner is going to drop-and-ditch me after seeing me without my eyebrows filled in, then I’d rather that happened before I’d bought us matching dressing gowns (surely that happens around the one-year-mark? It’s been a while).

It’s sad that our skins pose such an insecurity for some of us ladies. The skin on our faces is doing so much more than pimples and blackheads. It’s helping us smile at our friends and frown at telemarketers who can’t see us. It’s stretching over our skulls and holding in our big clever brains. Give your skin a break, and let your man see it in all it’s glory.

Give him some credit. He probably won’t even notice.

And if he runs away when he sees you without mascara, he wasn’t worth raising a blush brush in the first place.

How long did you wait before showing your partner your face without makeup?

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