'So thanks, "anti-vaxxers". I hope you get polio.'

“Vaccination is not a choice; it is a social responsibility.”

Neal Cohen was rightly upset when his infant daughter contracted measles.

Yes, Measles.

In 2015.

In fact, the Canadian father of two was so peeved with the anti-vaxxers responsible for his daughter’s illness that he penned them a furious letter.

“Today we found out that my 5 month old daughter has the measles,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“Think about that for a second…my infant child contracted a disease that until recently had been virtually eradicated from our society.”

Neal Cohen’s daughter. Image via Facebook.

At less than 12 months of age, Cohen’s daughter is too young to receive her MMR vaccine and so is vulnerable to infection from those around her.

“Here’s the thing about herd immunity; it only works if you have an overwhelming number of intelligent people surrounding idiots such as yourself,” he writes.

“In other words, your justification of an irresponsible decision is that there are enough people around you being smart that you can afford to be stupid.”

He goes on to say that the anti-vaccination movement is not just spreading illness around the world, but also stupidity, as more and more parents are being convinced to leave their children un-vaccinated.

“Vaccination is not a choice; it is a social responsibility. If everyone were to treat this social responsibility with the same disregard that you have, thousands and perhaps millions of children would be exposed to diseases that cause blindness, meningitis, encephalitis, croup, and other preventable complications.

“Your selfishness (or perhaps more accurately, the fact that you are a fucking moron) has put an entire new generation of children at risk to contract diseases that had been a non-issue for more than 100 years.”


You can read the post (which has now been shared more than 25,000 times) in all it’s informed, science-respecting glory here:

A message to all anti-vaxxers:Well, today we found out that my 5 month old daughter has the measles. Think about that…

Posted by Neal Cohen on Thursday, 28 May 2015

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