7 life lessons every child learned from watching too much Disney.

Everything I know about life…. I learned from a Disney film.

When I fell pregnant, one of my first thoughts was that I would no longer need to find an excuse to watch Disney movies. Winning.

Because I have always had an immense love of all things Disney. And when I say love, I mean I am borderline obsessed – and at 28, it looks like I won’t be growing out of that obsession any time soon.

I have so many fond memories watching these movies growing up. I loved Aladdin so much I actually ruined the VHS I had as a child (yes, VHS was still around in the ‘90s).

And in all the Disney movies I’ve watched (and there are many) there’s a few really strong messages that continue to hit home even as an adult. Messages like:

1. Up: Sometimes the journey doesn’t go to plan but it’s what you learn along the way that counts.

Most of us have a destination in mind for ourselves. But many of us find that when we eventually make it there, it wasn’t reaching the destination that made us a success; it was surviving the journey.

Also – That annoying friend you have really does mean well.

Slightly annoying at times but so full of love.


2. Toy Story: Friends can come from anywhere and in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes when you least it expect it, your new best friend will just show up in your life. You might not plan for it, and you might not even want it, but before too long, you can’t imagine life without them.

Also – Nothing will ever be more impressive than a puppy for a present.

“You got a friend in me.”


3. The Incredibles: All families are weird and wonderful and that’s okay.

Every family has something wacky about it. And sometimes your family will drive you nuts – but ultimately you know that they are the ones who will accept you for who you really are and love you unconditionally.

Also – Everyone needs one go-to outfit.

Wacky but all yours.


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4. Cars: Dream big.

When someone tells you that you can’t do something, the best thing you can do is prove them wrong. Hard work and determination go a long way in this world, and you can do anything you want to when you set your mind to it.


Also – Red really does go faster.

Determination can take you far!


5. Aladdin: Be yourself.

You can change what you look like and how you talk but ultimately, you can’t keep up the charade forever. Those who love you will love you for who you really are – not the person you pretend to be.

Also – Magic carpets are the coolest transport systems ever and if genies were real, that would be the first thing I’d ask for.

Be honest, tell the truth and be yourself.

6. The Lion King: Death is hard and running away isn’t the answer.

At some point or another we will all encounter death. It is hard and emotionally draining, but for those left behind, life does go on. The most important thing is to stick together and help each other through the pain.

Also – A catchy song helps anyone through a hard time. Hakuna Matata is the original YOLO.

Hakuna Matata!


7. Beauty and the Beast: Never judge a book by its cover.

I think we’ve all felt like the Beast at some point in our lives. Unloved, alone and lost. We just want someone to see us for who we really are. We’ve also probably all been the Prince too – at times, we think too highly of ourselves and forget to treat people with respect. The movie was made in 1991, and the story is much older, but the lesson is still so important in 2015.

Also – Girls who read are awesome.

Just as important in 2015 as 1991.

8. Pinocchio: Don’t lie.

Pretty self-explanatory, really. Lying can get you in a lot of trouble and you not only hurt yourself, but others too. The actual task for Pinocchio is to be “brave, truthful and unselfish,” and what an important lesson that is, even for adults.

Also – You should probably listen to that little voice in your head.

Be “brave, truthful and unselfish.”


What is your favourite Disney movie of all time?

Break out the popcorn! Here are a few more of our favourite Disney films:

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