'Friendships will change.' Everything I wish I knew before I had my first baby.

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As soon as I fell pregnant, I began probing every parent I knew for answers to my burning questions about what was coming. 

There were the classics like, “what if I lose myself to motherhood?” and “what the heck is a milestone?” and then some wild ones like, “what if my kid and I have nothing to talk about?" 

As my baby grew, so did that daunting stack of questions. And all I seemed to be getting from parents were little remarks to the tune of "you just wait" or "say goodbye to sleep!" 

And while it’s true, nothing can fully prepare you for parenthood, there are still so many things I wish I had known before waddling into that delivery room…

1. You will worry about your baby, constantly. But here’s what can help.

The worry, oh my word, the worry! 

It is intense, yes, but it gets better with time I can promise you that. During those newborn months you are adapting to so many changes, so many new responsibilities and demands – it’s a hurricane of emotion and sleep deprivation, but it doesn’t last. 

So, try to breathe. 

Do it now: big breath in, aaaand all the way out. Beautiful.

Okay, now we can talk about something that can offer your weary self some extra peace of mind. Owlet have three popular baby monitoring products for parents, two of which happen to come in a handy duo set. They're a global leader in infant data and monitoring, and it blows me away just how innovative their products are.


One thing that’s universal to being a new parent is wondering how you will know when your baby needs you overnight. 

That’s where the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 (with their award-winning Smart Sock, and Cam 2 monitor) comes in. 

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The Smart Sock provides real time readings of your baby’s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends via the Owlet Care app and will notify you to any readings out of the preset zone, so you can calmly stay on top of your little one’s wellbeing. 


Now of course the pinnacle of baby soothing is being able to work out what your little one needs before they need it, and the Cam 2 monitor comes to the party with sound, motion, and cry detection. 

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There’s also a feature that I find bloody brilliant where you can review video clips of your baby’s behaviour before they start to fuss, which makes understanding their cues easier. Life-changing. 


This duo is about 10 steps ahead of your average baby monitoring system, so if you’re a worry wart (like most new parents) this might be your ticket to less stress and better rest.

2. Yes, your friendships will likely change but that’s not always a bad thing… 

Some of my closest girlfriends don’t have kids, and one of my biggest worries going into motherhood was that I’d lose those precious friendships.


We’ve all heard the stories about people having babies and then promptly morphing into some unrecognisable mum-einstein monster and getting swallowed up by their new vocation. Old friends fall by the wayside and there’s only room for other mums in their new life. 

Other times it’s the kid-free friends who fail to step up and adjust to the "new normal" when their bestie has a baby. The new mum no longer has time for three-hour phone calls dissecting the latest life dramas, and you can forget about spontaneous dinner and drinks on a Thursday night, she’s already asleep on the couch and drooling.

The truth is, when you become a mum, it’s near impossible not to be somewhat swallowed up by the gravity of your child, especially in the very early days. But you’ll likely be surprised how much your friends adore your little monkey, and you’ll also discover some beautiful new connections with other new mums on the same journey as you. 

3. Baby milestones don’t matter as much as you think.

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Have you seen that Bluey episode, Baby Race? If you haven’t, go turn on the TV now (fair warning: you’ll likely cry). 

Of course, it’s important to check in with your health professionals about your kiddo’s development, and essential to be proactive with early interventions.

But if I could go back and shake my little sleep deprived self during that first year, I would beg her not to compare my bub’s progress with others around us. In short, it’s meaningless, it takes you out of the present moment and causes unnecessary stress.

I can honestly say that at just over two years old, all my son’s little friends are doing virtually the same stuff. 

Everyone moves at their own pace, and it almost always levels out in the end.


4. Breastfeeding and sleep deprivation are pandemonium, but you will adapt.

My breastfeeding journey was relatively smooth compared to many women I know, but I still found the whole thing all-consuming! It’s good to go in expecting to be totally overwhelmed by it, while also remembering it’s okay if it doesn’t work out for you.

The sleep deprivation? Look, you’re talking to a gal who pretty much didn’t sleep longer than five hours a night for 18 months. 

Yes, it was rough, but honestly? I got used to it. 

It’s funny, but it’s almost harder for those with good sleepers who suddenly experience a bout of terrible sleep, because their bodies aren’t prepared for it (at least that’s what I tell myself).

And if it’s any comfort, last night my two year old slept 12 hours straight without a peep.

Again, the hard stuff doesn’t last. 

5. Sometimes it’s excruciatingly dull, but it’s the most important work you’ll ever do.

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Care work is some of the most undervalued work in our culture, but if you’re ever doubting your purpose, just ask, what could be more important than shaping the life of a child?

This short time, when they need so much from you, even when it feels like you’re getting very little back, is so astonishingly precious and fleeting.

This is not to say, "enjoy every minute" because that is damn near impossible. It’s okay to wish away the hours until bedtime some days, because other days you will be lit up from the depths of your very soul with a burning love and awe that will quite frankly scare the crap out of you.

Just remember that the work of raising a child is important work, and you will no doubt do a bloody magnificent job.

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